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UPDATE:  "Everything" is now operational on this computer (and multiple backup systems) .  Been a long battle but it is done so progress can accelerate.  It feels so good to say goodbye to the past and all the problems of running on a crippled system.  A ton of work still to be done but a ton has been done.  There is still a lot of background work but changes will start showing up here quicker.  This also opens the door to finally getting the NEW software operational sooner.  There are close to 200 pages covering about 40 topics to be restructured.  Those will increase.  Some will be put on the back burner to accelerate the more popular ones.  The other computers comprising the whole system are right on pace of where they need to be.   

Whatever your interests, lets us know and we will get it covered.  If it is YOUR interest, it IS important.  It will receive attention (within the realms of standard news media guidelines and laws). 

Our traffic is 97% Oklahomans that are intentionally visiting.  We do not solicit people from all over the world just to build up useless statistics.
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