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A Very Special Treat for Oklahoma This Weekend

July31st & August 1st

Oklahoma’s penultimate micro sprint event
16th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals

Hosted annually at Oklahoma City’s I-44 Riverside Speedway, the Mini Sprint Nationals is a marquee summertime battleground that features the best of each section of regional micro racing spliced with national teams that have an eye to adding their name to open wheel legend.

This will be the 16th edition of the Mini Sprint Nationals and will also mark the 2nd anniversary of the reopening of the speedway following the wreckage wrought by the devastating May 20th, 2013 tornado.

Approximately 166 teams gathered to set a speedway record at that reopening, with that record being bested once again at last year’s Nationals when a whopping 177 teams competed over the weekend.

The 16th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals will feature the highest paying collective purses in micro sprint racing with over $31,000 in prize money up for grabs.



The NEW Columns Section is now online

These are all racing Columns so far but working on Columns on other areas of interest.  We have been approved for these and the ones listed that are currently under construction. 
All but one of the Organizations listed race in Oklahoma and have Oklahomans racing in them.  The Indy Racing League does NOT race in Oklahoma but often has Oklahomans racing in it.  The Indy Racing League includes the World's #1 Race - The Indy 500.

Please address any inaccuracies or other concerns to the organization's PR department listed on each document.

We are very interested in getting a lot more columns in all areas of interest besides racing but it sure is an honor to have these approve us as a part of their PR departments.

If you have a Column contact www.info@funinoklahoma.com
If you know of an interesting column have them contact us.

Up Coming Big Events for Oklahoma

The BIG Event of the Year for Sand Drag Racing in Oklahoma
17th Annual Heartland Nationals @ Atoka Motorsports Park
The race was rained out earlier in the year and the new date has been announced and posted
September 4th, 5th & 6th.

Interested in Radio Control Airplanes?  Click HERE for information about many events.  As best as I can determine it is the most comprehensive provider of Event information around the state.  It is also our #1 source for helping to get the information to you.  After several years of a great working relationship we are very proud to be associated with such a hard working group of people.  Admission to these flying fields is FREE for spectators and there are always helpful people that will provide you with a lot of information on getting started.  This information is provided by our Link Partner  @ Sooner Squadron.   Jeff Toney - FIO

The Bicycle Section is Returning to "Fun in Oklahoma"

It is under construction at this time.  The link to it is now active in the menu bar on the left so check back once in awhile.  We welcome any information you have to submit.  Many things have changed over the past few months.  Some BMX tracks have apparently closed which will probably lead to greater competition at existing tracks.  BMX racing is BIG in Oklahoma and National races are held which brings a lot of people to the Great State of Oklahoma. 

There is tremendous expansion of bicycle pathways both on the streets and off.  This will help the growth of touring bikes and bicycle riding simply for fun and exercise.  Streets are beginning to be clearly labeled to let the motoring public realize they need to stay alert, use caution, and realize the bicycles very much have the same right to be on those streets.  Hopefully this will lead to less frustration for the motoring public while making Bicycling safer. 

Many events will be added to the Calendar of Events.  Bicycling is a fantastic way to get in shape and stay in shape PLUS it is GREAT Family Fun.

Help us make it grow by sending us links, info, and things you would like to see added.

The Pet World section has been rebuilt as best it could be and added to this site with some new additions - click the link to the left
Help us make it grow by sending us links, info, and things you would like to see added.

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